After another season missing out on Champions League qualification, Tottenham are looking down the barrel and could potentially be ready to lose their best player. Gareth Bale had an outstanding campaign for the north London side, winning the PFA Player and Young Player of the Year awards, and proving himself as one of the most devastating attackers in the European game.

Rightly so, Bale has been linked with a number of top clubs, with Real Madrid thought to be ready to spend a world record transfer amount on the Wales international. The 23-year-old has so many positive assets. His physical attributes such as speed, agility and strength make him difficult to play against, while his delivery and shooting are excellent. He has added a real goalscoring threat to his game, and is also good in the air. There is little wonder that Bale is being compared to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Gareth Bale

Bale has been pivotal in proving the spark needed to win games for Spurs this term. He has scored last-gasp goals on a number of occasions to turn one point into three, and the side looks galvanised and confident with him at his best. Tottenham also need players that can hold their nerve and have the ability to deal with stress in big games, and would excel at the Strongbow penalty challenge when put under pressure. It is this winning mentality and ability to play to your best under pressure that could be the difference between a top four place or not.

Should Madrid offer Tottenham a new world record fee of close to £100 million, it would be a real boost to the club financially, and Andre Villas-Boas would be able to bring in four or five really top-class players to boost other areas of the team. However, whether Bale could be replaced is another matter. There are few players in world football with the attributes that he possesses, and as such Tottenham would lose a great deal of their cutting edge, even with new additions.

Spurs have consistently sold top players in recent years when a bigger club comes knocking. Michael Carrick, Dimitar Berbatov and Luka Modric have all jumped ship when given the opportunity. This is an opportunity for Tottenham to state their intentions of consistently challenging for the top four, and more. If they keep Bale and strengthen with one or two good players in the summer, there is no reason Spurs won’t finish in the top four next season. If they sell Bale, despite the money they would receive, the club could struggle without their main man.


  1. Would Gareth Bale go? I don’t know if he would like to be a “100 million pound player”, he is not cut from the same cloth as Ronaldo! If we sell him, why would world class players come to us?:Average players from average clubs would have their prices hiked-up, knowing Spurs have a few quid to spend! COYS

    • Exactly:
      Gareth Bale will be worth a fortune in terms of global revenues.
      The thing that makes me laugh is rival fans trying to wind us up by saying Bale leave. Well, okay, that’s the worst case scenario – we will have a damned good team, the current best youth set-up in the EPL, one fo the top young coaches in football, our current transfer kitty, the money we get from selling our deadwood players AND something over £85 million for Bale. And that is the worst case scenario 😀
      More likely, is that he stays, and the only reason anyone is mentioning ‘just one more year’ is that the journos started with the ‘Spurs desperate to keep hold of him for just one more year’ when we missed out (only just) on CL football. He has stated frequently that he would like to try himself overseas ‘at some stage’, but is still learning, i s in the right place to learn and is happy where he is. He is still four years off his peak by traditional footballing standards. But even the second worst case scenario, that he stays for one more year, would see us having everything we would have if we sold this Summer (see above) plus the quality players we sign this year (sorry, oppos, they want to come), a very good chance of CL football and the money for selling Bale which may be even more than £85 million.
      Personally, I am remarkably calm about the situation.

  2. What are you slow in the head ? Bale is not going anywhere this summer .
    Keep up ! In the Modric and Berba where kicking and screaming by this time of the summer AVB says hes staying hes staying.
    Speculate who Spurs are bringing in to play with him.
    Paulinho is close Benteke? Osvaldo? Lamela? or who knows maybe Mario Gomez.


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