Tottenham Hotspur star Harry Kane has been critical of his performances so far this season, but suggests he was happy with how he played in the 2-1 win at Brighton at the weekend.

The World Cup Golden Boot winner has been the subject of plenty of attention since the beginning of the Premier League campaign, with many judges suggesting he is tired and jaded and in need of a rest.

Kane, the leading scorer in the top flight two seasons, has set such high standards that there is always going to be concern over him when he fails to match his best, but the criticism he has received has matched his own assessment of his performances so far this term.

The England captain acknowledged he has been below par so far but stressed he does not feel tired, and that he could be coming back into his better form.

“I would 100 percent rather have the focus [on me] than not have it,” ESPN quote him as saying.

“I’ve scored three goals this season, which is not terrible.

“When you set standards in other seasons and other games, people will talk if you don’t reach them, and I’m the first to analyse my game and see what I could do better.

“Of course I feel I could have done better in most games this season. This was probably the first game where I was truly happy with my all-round performance.

“It’s the life of the striker. You’ll get chances, miss chances, feel you can hold it up better. All you can do is look forward and try to improve.”

Tottenham fans will hope their talisman is about to click into form as they have some big matches coming up, beginning with their clash against Watford in the Carabao Cup in Milton Keynes on Wednesday evening.


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