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The Different Types Of Handicap Betting On Football

There aren’t many more popular sports to bet on in the world than football. Millions around the world take to their mobile devices over the weekend to bet on the upcoming fixtures, with popular bets such as accumulators being a popular selection for those that are optimistic that they can correctly predict the outcome of all the fixtures taking place over the weekend.

However, one of the common markets that have been become more popular over the past couple of seasons is the handicap markets. The main reason for this is due to the growing gulf in quality between the teams located at the top of the league and the ones at the bottom. However, which handicap markets can gamblers wager their money on during the football season?

Handicap Betting Market

The most common way to bet on the handicap market is in the standard Handicap Betting market. Here, the sportsbook will determine the handicap, with gamblers able to wager against whether the favourite can overcome the disadvantage. A common handicap could see the favourite side start with a handicap of -2. In order to have a winning wager on this market, the favourite should win by at least three clear goals. If they don’t win by that margin, then the bet is a loser.

Alternative Handicap Betting

While the sportsbook sets the handicap for the standard market, there is typically an alternative handicap market too, which will see gamblers able to bet on different disadvantages. For instance, punters will be able to bet on the favoured side with a -1, -3 or, in some cases, a -4 disadvantage. The odds will also be higher the bigger the disadvantage. There is also the 3 way handicap, which ensures that the punter can also bet on the draw.

First Half Handicap

Gamblers don’t need to just bet on the full-time result, as they will also be able to maximise the use of the handicap market for first half markets. There are typically decent prices available for this market, as the favoured side will have half the time to overcome the disadvantage. For example, Liverpool may have a -1 half-time handicap for a fixture against Leeds United, which means that they will need to go into the half time break with at least a 2-0 lead in order for the bet to be a winner. There is also the possibility to make this bet at half-time, and bet on the second-half handicap.

Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap is a slightly different market open to gamblers, as there will be no chance that there could be a draw due to the fact that there is a .5. For instance, in the Asian Handicap market, the favoured side could start with a handicap of -2.5, which means that the team must win by three goals in order for the best to be a winner. It is a slightly different market, but it is still relatively straightforward for gamblers to understand.

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