Tottenham Hotspur have had many illustrious goalscorers at the club over its long history. However, in the recent era, none have been so prolific as Harry Kane.

He has already surpassed legendary goalscorers in Cliff Jones and recent hero in Jermain Defoe. Now, he looks to surpass Martin Chivers. This article reviews the top five all-time goalscorers for Spurs.

Jimmy Greaves: 379 Appearances and 266 Goals

‘Greavsie’ has been a fantastic talent for Tottenham Hotspur. His goalscoring record is sensational, and not just for Spurs. He scored 366 goals in his famous career, which was the record for Europe’s top five leagues until Cristiano Ronaldo came along.

Nevertheless, even from his goal ratio at Spurs, that is about 1.42 goals per game, it is clear to see the kind of prolific goalscorer that Greaves is.

He was part of the Double winning team, he also won the 1967 FA Cup and the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1963. Kane will have to keep up his record if he hopes of reaching Greaves’ total one day.

Bobby Smith: 317 Appearances and 208 Goals

A team-mate of Greaves, and scoring 33 goals during the Double campaign, Bobby Smith came from humble backgrounds.

He spent a year working in the iron mine near Lingdale, Yorkshire, working with his father. However, his footballing talents were soon spotted by Chelsea, at first, and then he moved to Tottenham five years later for a cool £16,000.

His top highlights include winning the Double. He scored an all-important second goal against a spirited, yet depleted Leicester in the 1961 FA Cup final. Also, he managed to notch eleven hat-tricks during his time at the club demonstrating his persist and dangerously multiplying goalscoring.

He was a strong centre-forward, well renowned for his physicality. Indeed, Smith himself claimed “If I was playing nowadays I would be sent off every week — locked up.”

During his time of football, with at first no substitutes, but later still only one player, it often meant he took to the field in whatever condition he was in. And yet, he was a player, as he pointed out himself, that could give as much as he gets.

Martin Chivers: 367 Appearances and 174 Goals

There is a familiar theme amongst most of Spurs’ top strikers. ‘Big Chiv’ continues the theme of powerful centre-forwards.

Nevertheless, like Smith, Kane and Greaves, Chivers had that deft touch to turn in goals. None of these players were merely bullies, because their main focus was on their own game; that much is clear by their records held at the club.

Chivers’ greatest moment was his two goals in the first leg of the UEFA Cup final. These were the only goals that allowed his team to lift the very first UEFA Cup trophy.

Harry Kane: 248 Appearances and 163 Goals

Harry Kane is on the rise. Injuries tend to keep pegging him back each season; however Kane rises again out of the ashes.

This is the mark of a player of real quality; the one season wonder jeers now look absolutely pathetic. Another observation to make between that of Kane and his predecessors is that they all for the most part, stuck by their club.

This is something that is in short supply in modern football. Spiralling sums of money send players out to sunnier climbs, whether for footballing giants such as Real Madrid, or out to the UAE or China.

Some of the goalscoring records that the likes of Greaves, Jones and Chivers have stood for a very long time.

And yet, Kane is the resurgent piece of glory in this new era. His breaking and setting of records is refreshing and promising. Indeed, he is a player that is as loyal to the cause as Chivers or Smith who would give their all on the pitch.

Cliff Jones: 378 Appearances and 159 Goals

“Yes, it’s true, I never thought I would say it…”. But, Cliff Jones had to recognise Kane for surpassing his goalscoring exploits in January this year.

The flying Welsh wizard was a winger with incredible pace, dribbling and technical ability. Thus, he is the odd one out in terms of physical centre-forward’s exerting their power to score goals.

Instead, Jones could rely on his speed and his fantastic abilities. Jones was another member of the Double winning side, three of which have now been discussed in this top five list.

This legend has been a benchmark whereby many of today’s footballers have been lucky enough to be compared to; such as Gareth Bale and perhaps even Heung-Min Son.

However, he was a traditional winger, and one of the best around during his career. On either flank he could inflict terror upon defences.

At the age of 84, Jones is able to continue his love of football from the stands. He was eager to laud more praise upon Kane:

“He’s such a prolific goalscorer but not only that, he brings other players into the game as well. He’s an all-rounder, Harry, a goalscorer and a goal-maker. He has a terrific temperament and he has values. He’s one of the best. He’s one of the greats already.”

This is fine praise for such a wonderful player, who has only just passed one club legend in Jones, but now looks to catch up with Chivers.


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