The SFA gang of eight board members maybe small in number, but they continue to make huge mistakes through their disgraceful record of shooting themselves in the foot.

A tsunami of discontent surges against the board for two very good reasons.

One, the BetFred semi-finals Hampden debacle and two, the Paul Gascoigne fiasco.

They must must pay the consequences for two idiotic outcomes, because their deliberations cannot be trusted. Almost any decision they make is wrong. It’s time for a change. And quickly!

The Scottish Hall of Fame snub on Gascoigne was not only heartless, but also unkind and insensitive.

Their timing when withdrawing their invitation to Gascoigne, exposed the incompetence of the inept eight to Scottish Football and to the world.

Shane Whitfield, his agent said, “They’ve caused heartache and extra pressure to a man who struggles with the demons in life but has been doing well”.

Gascoigne was due to be inducted at an awards dinner next weekend and certain SFA committee members threatened to boycott the event on Sunday 21st October, unless he was withdrawn from the ceremony.

Unfortunately for the SFA, the withdrawal of the invitation came the same day as the World Mental Health Day.

Their aims are for the global mental health education, awareness and the reduction of social stigma. What tactless timing and crass behaviour from the SFA board.

Can they ever get anything right? And who do they think they are?

Gascoigne wasn’t in a great state when they issued the invitation to him and the subsequent rejection will only exacerbate his fragility.

Initially Scottish football heaped praise upon Gascoigne for his winning achievements with Rangers. Next, the same people said they could be embarrassed by his behaviour.

Cynically, they blamed concerns about his health for rescinding his invitation. Have they added medical qualifications to their capabilities?

Who would wish to be diagnosed by them?

Influential members of the SFA said they would boycott the awards dinner at Hampden Park because they did not consider Gascoigne to be a good enough role model to earn this honour.

Why not voice such opinions PRIOR to issuing the invite in the first place?

Real pressure was applied by a few of the SFA board members and the Hall of Fame committee panicked and withdrew the invite – what a sordid and deplorable way to behave.

The Hall of Fame list reveals that some fabulous players and managers (who may not all be Saints themselves), have already been included. Unfortunately, football doesn’t know what to do with Gascoigne because his current problems isolate him from other great players.

Some television stations desperately want him to be a regular analyst because of his fame and because of what he achieved on the pitch. Although not always reliable, he is wholeheartedly held with great affection,

They have never stopped expecting him to behave conventionally, conscientiously or co-operatively, if they can get him straightened out, Gazza would still be value for money.

Gazza was a superstar in his prime. The game laughed with him and said he was daft as a brush whilst still admiring his talents. Now in his 50’s, people have stopped laughing and the criticism that some people give him is truthful.

You can fix a knee problem, but what is wrong with Gascoigne is much more complex.

If organisations like the Scottish Football Hall of Fame blunder badly in the middle of Gazza’s trials and tribulations, it only makes his recovery more difficult.

The way the SFA and the Scottish Football Hall of Fame acted was a reminder of just how far this country has to go with attitudes towards mental health.

But worse than that, basic manners and a modicum of respect for a fellow human being have been swept aside by those whose conceit has provoked well deserved disgust.

Gascoigne’s place in the Hall of Fame is still there. He needs no hollow trophy to prove it.


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