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Report: Player to pick one of four clubs this month, Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest among them

According to The Daily Mail, Arsenal striker Eddie Nketiah will pick from Aston Villa, Bristol City, Sheffield Wednesday and Nottingham Forest to go to loan for.

Nketiah is back at Premier League club Arsenal after his loan spell at Leeds United in the Championship was cut short due to lack of playing time under head coach Marcelo Bielsa at Elland Road.

It has been reported that the Gunners will send the 20-year-old striker back out on loan again in the January transfer window for the second half of the season.

According to The Daily Mail, Nketiah will pick from Villa, City, Wednesday and Forest to go out on to loan to for the rest of the season.

Important decision

Nketiah is a very good and promising young striker, and he needs to make a careful decision about the second half of the season.

The English youngster’s loan spell at Leeds was a waste, and he must make sure that whichever club he plays for next on a loan spell give him enough time on the pitch.

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