Glasgow Rangers defender Connor Goldson has paid one of his teammates a fabulous compliment, which his manager Steven Gerrard is happy to agree with.

Goldson firmly believes that striker Alfredo Morelos has been the best player in Scotland this season, and it’s all down to his own hard work.

The fiery tempered forward has scored 28 goals so far this season for a much-improved Rangers side.

Goldson admits Morelos was slightly out of shape when he joined up with the Rangers squad on their pre-season trip to Marbella in June 2018.

“I think his record speaks for itself,” Herald Scotland quote the Gers defender as saying.

“The games that he has missed, and he has missed a fair few, his record shows he’s scored 28 goals. 

“28 goals scored by the start of March is an unbelievable achievement and there’s not many strikers in world football, can manage that amount.

“He’s proven game after game that he’s up there with the best players in this country.

I can’t compare him to anyone I’ve played with. He’s one of a kind.

“He’s naturally a strong boy. He’s not in the gym lifting weights all the time, that’s just natural.

“You look at the size of his legs, his bum, it’s huge. He has the frame of a grown man even though he’s just turned 22.

“From when I came in pre-season, the weight he has lost and the work he’s able to do in a game of football—that’s the difference for me.

“When I first came you could see he’d had a good summer. But, to be fair to him, he worked his socks off and he got rid of a lot of weight.

“He’s a player that works his socks off for 90 minutes for the team. He’s done that for 40-odd games, which is credit to him.

“The way he has looked after himself and the player he’s made himself into.”

Goldson is just glad that he is on the same side as Morelos as he locks horns with the South American regularly at Rangers training.

“Training is different but, yeah, you wouldn’t like to play against Alfredo,” he said.

“He’s a pest for 90 minutes, he will wear you down, he will always be working and being physical and putting himself about.

“But he’s been brilliant this season and that’s credit to him. I know he scored, I think 18 last season.

“But from the boy I saw when I first came here to Marbella to what he’s turned into now is a completely different player.

“That’s down to the way he’s worked physically and it’s all paid off for him.”

Morelos is a real candidate to win the Player of the Year award, which would be another feather in the Rangers striker’s cap.

The Gers will surely face a battle to hold onto the South American in the summer, with visiting scouts keeping tabs on the livewire forward.


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