Glasgow Rangers play Celtic at Hampden Park on Thursday, April 25 in the highly prestigious Scottish FA Youth Cup final.

It is the major game of the season for their youth teams, who have worked their socks off to get through to this glamour final.

Unfortunately, some insane clown or committee chose to play the game behind closed-doors. 

Name and shame these idiots now, and kick them out of our game altogether, because it is an absolute disgrace and defies common sense.

This farce of a decision sorely deprives both sets of teenagers of their moment of glory to play in front of a decent crowd for possibly the first time in their young lives.

Seemingly the only tickets that will be made available to each club, will be through each team’s youth and community projects.

To deny young players the right to play in front of a substantial support in a National Stadium Final, appears to me to be a punishment to the lads, rather than a privilege.  

It is a ridiculous situation and if my son was playing for Rangers, I would be livid that he was playing in a huge stadium with so few people allowed to create any kind of interest in the game.

And quite frankly, it is grossly unfair to the boys on both sides who have worked so hard to get to this final.

Experienced professionals would find it difficult to play well in such a ghostly sterile stadium, never mind the boys playing in blue or green. 

Is it Police Scotland who have decided to make it a closed door match?

A couple of hundred spectators in a stadium that seats 52,000 will totally ruin what should have been a stupendous experience.

What about the tens of thousands of law-abiding, perfectly well-behaved Rangers and Celtic supporters who would enjoy the future stars of each club, performing in an exciting Cup Final?

Intelligent people who want to attend this kind of youth match with their wife and children? Suggested prices: £5 for (under 18’s and seniors) and £8 or £10 (for adults).

Should these decent people be tarred with the same brush as the religious trouble makers that from time to time turns our game to shame?

There is no disputing that aspects of fan behaviour in Scotland needs to improve, but with youngsters challenging for a trophy, there should be no trouble. 

Sectarianism is a true curse in Scotland’s culture and shows it’s ugly face at times, but if you cannot play a game like this without a fight, we are a lot worse than I thought.

Scotland’s social issues should be tackled through education, but it could take a while to sink in.

The occasional brawl inside and outside bars are all very unfortunate, but these things could occur almost any weekend in a city, without a game or an excuse for a fight.

BBC Scotland have won the rights to broadcast the match live, probably because the supporters of either side are not being allowed to actually attend a Youth Cup Final.

It is an absolute disgrace, and something should be done to try and fix this stupidity, once and for all.


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