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Premier League 2024/25 ticket prices surge amidst inflation

Amidst the backdrop of economic inflation, the 2024/25 Premier League season heralds a notable surge in ticket prices, leaving fans grappling with unprecedented costs to watch their beloved teams in action.

This inflationary trend poses significant challenges to supporters, with only a handful of top English clubs paying attention to the current inflation rate when determining season ticket prices.

Manchester United (3.6%) and Liverpool (2%) are the only clubs from the traditional ‘Big Six’ in the Premier League that have taken this critical factor under consideration, keeping their increases under 4%.

In contrast to their fellow rivals, who have demonstrated sensitivity and compassion, Arsenal have hit their loyal faithful hard, implementing a mind-blowing 10.2% increase on the cheapest tickets at the Emirates.

As a result, the Gunners fans will have to deal with an eye-watering £1,074 for the cheapest seats in North London, highlighting an absence of empathy from the club hierarchy.

Speaking of radical moves, newly-promoted Southampton have blown their competitors out of the water by increasing their season ticket prices by a staggering 26.4%.

The Saints’ scandalous decision not only deviates from the industry norms but also raises questions about the clubs’ commitment to their most loyal fans.

Unlike their promotion rivals, Ipswich Town have approached the issue more cautiously, imposing a relatively acceptable 5.4% increase to bring the price to £372.

It’s also the second-lowest price in the Premier League behind West Ham United, who, regardless of a whopping 11.3% increase, still charge only £345 for the cheapest adult tickets.

However, the Hammers’ increase is the fourth-highest in the league, with only Nottingham Forest (18.3%), Brentford (18.1%) and Southampton surpassing them in terms of the percentage hike in season ticket prices.

Despite the increase, the Bees are still among only six Premier League sides charging under £500 for the cheapest season tickets.

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