Sunderland fans believe that Ellis Short’s time at the helm of Stadium of Light has come to an end, and want the American out.

According to an interactive poll by The Chronicle, over 50% of Black Cats supporters have now lost patience with the Texas billionaire.

The Wearsiders owner has made a significant loss of over £143 million in transfer dealings alone during his time in the North East, but the Mackem faithful feel he is no longer worth having at the club.

In the poll conducted by the Newcastle based media outlet, just 5.98% were very happy with Short, and 11.97% were content.

Sunderland fans who were content but waiting for results to improve amounted to 16.24%, whereas 23.08% consider themselves unhappy with the current owner.

But more conclusively, when asked if the red and white army wanted Short to remain overseeing operations at the football club, there was a 50.43% response in favour of no.

The result comes as a surprise to many Black Cats fans who have shown strong support towards the 56-year-old business tycoon since his takeover in 2009.

But with reports from The Telegraph that the club is now up for sale, the majority of Sunderland supporters may soon get their wish.




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