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Opinion: Rising star leaves door open for future Rangers move

I was impressed with the reply from Aberdeen’s Lewis Ferguson regarding Glasgow Rangers and Brentford’s reputed interest in signing him.

His dad is ex-Rangers stalwart Derek Ferguson who played 111 games for the Gers, and with him held in such high regards it could be significant.

His uncle, Barry Ferguson, is one of my favourite Rangers player of all time and  a true Light Blues legend.

With reported interest from Rangers, the young Ferguson has admitted that he is keeping his feet on the ground.

“I’ve just seen it (the speculation) the same way as everybody else. I’m not really aware of anything like that,” he said, according to the Daily Record.

“I don’t read too much into that. I’ve obviously been shown it on social media and stuff, but I just take it in my stride. 

“I’m just focused on getting back training for Aberdeen. That stuff doesn’t knock me off my stride. That’s it done. 

“It’s out my mind. When you see stuff like that (linked to other clubs) you’re obviously doing something right to have clubs looking at you. 

“But my full focus is on getting back to training with Aberdeen and playing next season. 

“The past couple of seasons at Aberdeen I’ve wanted to achieve things and get trophies. Nothing’s changed. 

“In the upcoming season the aim is to try to get silverware. 

“That’s my main aim. Everyone in their football career wants to win trophies and it’s no different for me. 

“I think the club do match my ambitions because I want to win trophies. 

“The full squad, chairman and the manager, we are all striving to win trophies and that is my aim as well.

“I think everyone has seen the new training facility. It is top class and everybody is going in the right direction. 

“We have a chairman (Dave Cormack) who loves the club and knows what he is doing and we also have a top training facility, so we know we are heading the right way. 

“We’ve got the Scottish Cup to look forward to but the goal of winning trophies hasn’t changed over the last couple of years. 

“When you see the medals, it makes you that wee bit more determined to go and do it yourself and experience that feeling of winning something. 

“It’s something I want to experience. I’m pretty sure it’s something the rest of the boys in the squad want to experience as well. 

“It (Ferguson name) is my own career. I wouldn’t say it doesn’t have anything to do with my family because they are there to help me. 

“But it is my own career and it is myself who is making the decisions. 

“I don’t feel any added pressure, although I can see why people maybe think that. 

“I put pressure on myself to go and achieve things and the pressure is coming from me to go and perform.”

A very long answer without saying much – whether he wants to stay, or leave and go to Rangers.

He has amassed 61 appearances for Aberdeen, and his overall play has been robust and extremely promising.

Ferguson is the Scottish Football Writers’ Association’s Young Player of the Year, and should stay with the Dons, to take his game to a higher level.

According to Soccerbase, he has scored seven goals in the league, but his main attribute is spreading passes and winning tackles.

Would signing Ferguson be the difference between winning and losing the league for Rangers in 2020-21? Certainly not this year, but maybe next.

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