Glasgow Rangers’ Colombia international Alfredo Morelos has been a smash-hit since arriving at Ibrox from HJK Helsinki in 2017.

He was discovered by Jonatan Johansson, who was a striker with Finland, Rangers and Charlton, who was coaching with the Scottish club at the time.

Jonne Lindblom of World in Motion was involved in the Morelos transfer and left the agency to be Kuopion Palloseura’s sporting director.

Kuopion Palloseura (KuPs) are a Finnish football club, based in Kuopio.

Lindblom firmly feels that by scoring 27 goals in 33 games so far this season for Rangers, it is inevitable that one of the English Premier League sides must sit up and take notice. 

The reformed Morelos is destined for the top, despite his five red cards last season, and an over-reactionary one last week for celebrating his goal.

Morelos has always admitted he is happy to remain at Rangers, but has never hidden his dream of playing in England’s Premiership.

Dave King and Steven Gerrard are both adamant that even £40million would not be accepted during this January’s transfer window.

And the striker’s ex-agent Lindblom is certain the scandalous yellow and red cards accrued is the only reason he’s still at Rangers.

Lindblom told Sporten : “The only reason he’s not playing in one of the biggest leagues right now is all the ridiculous red cards he got.

“When I was going to sell him, I called him ‘a young Luis Suarez’. The style of play is the same, he’s a bully on the field.”

Lindbolm tried to sell Morelos for $5million (Swedish krona, which is about £411.000), when leaving Colombia, for European experience.

It is rumoured that many Scandinavian sides could afford the fee, but FC Copenhagen, Bröndby, Rosenborg and Malmö didn’t take a chance with this proposed offer.

Morelos decided to leave Deportivo Independiente Medellín, known as DIM (a Colombian professional football team), to try football in Europe.

The young centre forward had loads of guts and determination and full of potential, so he ended up in Finland with HJK Helsinki.

But the boy could play and score goals. He netted 46 goals in 62 games before the opportunity to move to Rangers.

“All those who had five million were asked,” Lindbolm continued.

“But no offers were forthcoming and Morelos plumped for a switch to HJK Helsinki.

“It was very strange, but they thought the Finnish league was too low or something. They regret it today.

“I don’t want to say which, but some clubs actually have (admitted regret). Then there are others who will never admit it.

“It’s not easy to find players like Morelos, but they’re out there. And we can use him as an example to sell the idea of coming to Finland.”

And Lindblom claims a host of clubs have expressed their frustration over missing out twice on the talented 23-year-old goalscorer.

The centre forward is hoping to score plenty more goals to inspire Rangers to win some silverware, before he goes to England.


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