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Opinion: Celtic fan favourite pundit finally makes a statement Rangers fans can agree with

A new change of attitude is emerging, regarding the arguments of whether the leagues throughout the UK should be deemed null and void. 

Nobody knows for sure how and when this COVID-19 pandemic will end and thousands or millions could be affected.

In Scotland, Celtic want to be crowned 20-19-20 champions given their healthy lead over nearest rivals Rangers at the top of the table.

However, the Gers faithful will want to the season to finish or the campaign to become null and void.

Former Celtic player and pundit Chris Sutton insists the argument of the SPFL title row has now become superfluous, in comparison to what’s causing havoc across the world. 

And for the first time ever, Rangers fans can agree with Sutton.

“With every passing day during this coronavirus nightmare, you have to say these comments are getting less and less relevant,” former Celtic man Sutton wrote in his Record Sport column:

Better late than never? Sutton has seen the error of his ways championing a Celtic title win, despite the season not being concluded, and has certainly changed his tune.

In fairness to Sutton, who I don’t usually like or agree with as a Rangers supporter, he has at last said something that’s correct and smart.

He believes that none of the title arguments really matter anymore as he reacts to the destruction of places like Bergamo, Italy.

Sutton agrees with Barry Ferguson, the ex-Rangers captain’s stance, that bitter rivalries must be put aside during these uncertain times.

Here’s hoping that the COVID-19 pandemic ends in the near future and healthy rivalry can start back up on the pitch again.

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