With football the undoubted most popular sport in the modern day world, millions of youngsters throughout the planet dream of playing in the Premier League or of representing their country. Everyone who has every donned a pair of boots has a story of how they could have made it; those that do make the big time are the source of intense jealousy of us mere mortals. Therefore, those that make it and throw it away must sincerely regret their mistakes; enter Nile Ranger.

At 21 years old Ranger is a free agent, facing criminal charges and is at the bottom of the footballing barrel. It just didn’t have to be the case – he is a talented player with pace and skill that could well have made a dream living for himself as a Premier League footballer.

However, a conspicuous rap sheet has blighted Ranger’s chances of fame, fortune and the opportunity to be a Premier League footballer. At 15 he was found guilty of street robbery and to the modern day his track record has got steadily worse; drunk and disorderly, assault, gun possession, criminal damage, rape and more assault.

Nile Ranger

He has been reprimanded by club and FA over homophobic comments on Twitter and his attitude is, well, terrible. Many a youngster in Tyneside will be on the training paddock as you read this article, busting a gut and doing the hard yards to maybe, just maybe, get the chance one day to don the beloved black and white of Newcastle United Football Club. Ranger had that in his hands, and discarded it due to his sheer stupidity.

With outstanding criminal charges against Ranger, don’t be surprised if his luck is going to get worse and he faces time behind bars. His football career will take some recovering too – it would be a very brave or desperate club now that would take a chance on the seemingly uncontrollable and persistent offender Ranger.

Six goals in 11 appearances for England under-19’s shows that Ranger has ability, however the baggage that comes with his signature mean that it would be madness to entertain the thought of paying him money to train and play the beautiful game.

Things that comes to mind – what a waste, and what a complete idiot.


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