The price to attend Premier League football has reduced during the first season of a record £8billion global TV rights deal, a BBC study has shown.

86% of ticket prices are either lower or the same this term than that of the 2015/16 campaign.

Broken down the report shows that 53% had been held, whereas 34% were cheaper than last year.

This is largely due to the average cost of the cheapest adult home ticket in the Premier League decreasing by 6% (from £30.95 to £29.05), and the £30 cap on away tickets being implemented – which has seen the average cost of the most expensive ticket dropping by 37% (£46.44 to £29.44).

However, things could still be a lot better.

“On their current £8.3bn deal, the Premier League could afford to let every single fan in free for every game and still have as much money as they had under the previous deal”, the chairman of the Football Supporters’ Federation Malcolm Clarke told the BBC. 

“That gives you an idea of the scale of the amount of money they have got.”

Responding to this, the Premier League released a statement saying:

“Clubs are listening to their fans and working hard to make sure that Premier League football is accessible as well as competitive and compelling.”

Even though gate entry cost may be dropping, the clubs are finding other ways in order to bring in the cash.

Replica shirts have increased in price year-on-year, and half of top-flight clubs increased the cost of their junior kits.

So taking all of this into account, how much does it cost you to go and watch you beloved club in the Premier League?

If you are an Arsenal fan it is well known that you pay more than most to go and watch your football.

But what is the extent of this cost endured by the faithful Gunners?

If you were to attend the Emirates Stadium with a new home shirt and a season card for every Premier League home game, buy one programme for each of those games, one pie and one cup of tea the total cost could be up to a stomach churning £2248.50.

However, if you hold a season card at Arsenal you do get the perks of the first seven home cup matches in European competitions and the FA Cup included, and the club also offers a £4 discount to fans on all away match tickets.

Even so, measuring that amount against Swansea City – whose prices are arguably still too high for football, but much more acceptable in today’s age – you see just how much more the London fans are paying.

Using the same criteria that were used to measure Arsenal, the Swans total amount could come up to £701.20 – £1547.30 less than the Gunners.

You may be thinking that the gap in payment could be due to success – Arsene Wenger’s side are consistently in the top four and have won silverware recently, whereas Bob Bradley’s boys are fighting for their lives in the relegation zone.

But Manchester City have had more success in the league in recent times, and the amount their fans outlay to watch Pep Guardiola’s at the men Etihad Stadium is no where near that of the Gunners.

Again using the same stipulations the Citizens could pay up to £1131 for a season of Premier League football.

Admittedly, City’s faithful do not get any other matches included in their cost like those attending the Emirates, but that does not cover the £1117.50 deficit.

To put it into perspective you could attend a full Premier League season at Manchester City and Swansea combined, buy a home shirt for each club, a tea, pie and programme at each game and still be £416.30 better off than those who support Arsenal.

So why do the Gunners hierarchy think it is acceptable to charge these astronomical prices to their supporters, and yet they are the side that constantly underachieve.

Even more harrowing is the fact you are able to secure a season ticket at Barcelona’s Camp Nou for the equivalent of £114 – over £2000 cheaper than Arsenal and less than any other club in the Premier League.

Below is a list of all 2016/17 Premier League clubs with the total amount using the same calculation.

Arsenal – £2248.50

Bournemouth – £800

Burnley – £772

Chelsea – £1428.50

Crystal Palace – £886.49

Everton – £901

Hull City – £812.79

Leicester City – £958.60

Liverpool – £1097.60

Manchester City – £1131

Manchester United – £1181.30

Middlesbrough – £846

Southampton – £1083.50

Stoke City – £825

Sunderland – £714.59

Swansea City – £701.20

Tottenham Hotspur – £2136.20

Watford – £871.70

West Bromwich Albion – £731.89

West Ham United – £1345



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