By Jonathan Davies

Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley is mulling over a bid for the club made by a Chinese consortium, according to Sky Sports.

The newly promoted Premier League side, which enjoyed an immediate return to the top flight last month, has been the focus of intense speculation this year, with reports of interest from Far East investors as recent as October 2016.

Now Ashley looks keen to capitalise on recent successes by recuperating the significant sums that he has invested.

The Daily Mail reports an asking price of around £400 million, yet this does not seem to have headed off any immediate interest in the club.

Rumours of potential Chinese investment should come as no surprise to Magpies fans, after the confirmation of last month’s shirt sponsorship agreement with Asian company Fun88, reportedly worth in excess of £24 million.

Such significant figures will be greeted warmly by boss Rafael Benitez, as he looks to embark on a program of serious investment in preparation for another potentially tough Premier League campaign.

Asian interest in the Premier League is growing rapidly, marked by the sale of West Bromwich Albion to Chinese owners in August 2016 and by a £564 million TV rights deal last November.

Although Ashley was reported recently as having reiterated his desire to remain at the helm of Newcastle, it will be interesting to see if the latest takeover talks result in anything substantial.


  1. Better the devil you know ? Who could be worse than Fatman and his two relegations in ten years ? One top five finish in ten years is all The Toon Army have had to celebrate unless you include getting back into PL after losing out the season before ?


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