Bankrolled by Roman Abramovich’s millions and having the pulling power to sign the majority of players in world football, Chelsea have little excuse for not challenging for major honours.

In recent years the West London club’s transfer policy has involved signing countless young players, farming them out on loan and cherry picking one or two for the first-team squad over time.

This worked well for Thibuat Courtois, while it also lined the club’s pockets in the case of Romelu Lukaku.

However, the flaw in this system of constantly sending players out on loan and having too many on their books is the inability to properly assess someone’s development.

This can lead to a player that potentially does not having a first-team future overstaying their ideal tenure at Stamford Bridge unnecessarily or a loaned star being allowed to leave before they can prove themselves in the club’s colours.

A classic example of the second point, which has come back to haunt the Blues, is the sale of Kevin De Bruyne.

Signed in 2012 from Genk for a £7 million fee, the Belgian was assessed as not ready for first-team football at the Bridge by Jose Mourinho and subsequently sent out on loan to Werder Bremen.

Sold two years after being purchased for £18 million, a tidy profit showed the Chelsea’s loan system was paying dividends…..right?


De Bruyne has gone on to become a world-class player at firstly Wolfsburg and now Manchester City, with an argument that the gifted attacking midfielder is one of the best players in European football.

For Chelsea to allow the 25-year-old to leave, without giving him a chance to showcase his abilities in their first team, shows the flaw in the system.

The Blues this season have 37 players out on loan at other clubs – it is simply too many for the Premier League side to keep on top off.

Looking at this system going forward, Chelsea would be advised to set a limit on the number of players on their books and focus on developing players for their first-team, rather than trying to cash-in on them after they excel elsewhere.


  1. Hang on a minute. I’m not denying that Chelsea have made mistakes in the transfer market, or in their choice of manager on occasion, but it’s not a perfect science and they’re not the only club to regret selling a player; I don’t particularly want to advertise my age, but Scunthorpe sold Kevin Keegan, Alan Ball was rejected because of his size and to bring us up to date a certain club in Manchester released Paul Pogba on a free transfer, courtesy of the one and only SAF. It seems to me that it was Mourinho’s mismanagement rather than Chelsea’s development policy that lies at the heart of this.

  2. Sporting Director Michael Emenalo, is almost certainly at the heart of about 99% of Chelsea’s problems in the transfer market. Apparently, him doing favours for agents and needlessly buying their dead wood players in exchange for brown envelopes and backhanders , whilst at the same time loaning out the abundance of young talent that we have, is in his best interest and not the club’s. The twat is Teflon coated it seems, because blame is never laid at his door. Whether Ancelotti, with Torres & David Luiz on his first stint or the multitude of fuck ups like leaving us short of CBs by loaning out Christensen in a 2yr contract whilst buying Marco Alonso when we have plenty of young LBs that would do a better job and yet keeping that cart horse Ivanovic on contract as RB when ASPI should be playing there. What exactly is the point of a 3yr loan for Cuadrado to June, whose genius idea was that? As for Kevin De Bruyne, it flatters to deceive because that is one time when he wasn’t at fault. Mourinho has always been shit at scouting or nurturing young talent coz he’s never around long enough to develop them. Back to the fuckery of the cancer that is Emenalo…So we make crazy money for David Luiz and then buy the twat back, so he ends up costing us money with the 2 fees added together and we’ll be lucky to get anything when he’s outta contract. Sideshow, lovely guy that he is off the pitch, is a complete liability on it and about as far away from a “Conte style defender” as it gets I. E. He’s not a defender! Another great manager gets undermined & royally fucked up the arse. I wish that cunt Emenalo a long painful death, he’s a cunt…


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