Gylfi Sigurdsson has confirmed that he has chosen to join Tottenham this summer, with the finer details on an 8 million move being completed. The Icelandic midfielder has opted for a move to the north London club over a switch to Liverpool, which highlights the extent of the Reds’ fall from grace.

Liverpool’s demise in the second half of last season has been well-documented and cost club legend Kenny Dalglish his job. A proud side are now expected to fight back with ambitious plans in the transfer market and the appointment of Brendan Rodgers as new manager serves as a commitment to attacking football.

Sigurdsson has spoken of his gratitude to the Northern Irish coach for giving him a chance to flourish in the Premier League last term whilst on loan at Swansea, with a close bond between player and coach evident. When the Icelandic playmaker opted against a permanent move to the Liberty Stadium following Rodgers’ departure, a switch to Anfield seemed certain.

However, despite the link to former boss Rodgers, Sigurdsson has admitted to choosing Tottenham after a brief discussion with Andre Villas Boas. Spurs, just the same as Liverpool, are not in the Champions League next term and the draw of the Europa League will certainly not have impacted on Sigurdsson’s decision.

It is believed that there were higher wages on offer in north London than on Merseyside, but surely if Sigurdsson was a player that Rodgers really wanted, the wealthy Fenway Sports Group would have matched Tottenham’s salary offer. The truth seemingly behind the matter is that the playmaker has weighed up his chances of making the top four or winning trophies and decided Spurs are the better option.

This certainly will be a kick in the teeth for Rodgers and the Kop, as the side has now on the face of it slipped out of contention for the purchase of second-tier players. If Sigurdsson had joined one of England’s Champions League representatives for 2012-13 it could be understood, but this is not the case.

The Northern Irish coach has quite the job to restore Liverpool to a team in contention for the top four nevermind their former glory, as the club seem to be in a vicious downward spiral that is negatively impacting upon their transfer strategy and options.


  1. thought you might be a Spurs fan, if you knew anything you’d know that Gylfi went to the highest bidder, Liverpool weren’t prepared to pay over the odds for the player. If another team had come in with a higher offer he’d of gone there, from media reports he was offered 15-20k more at Spurs, he’s mugged you off ha ha and you’ve got AVB as your manager, even bigger HA HA

  2. You don’t have to explain that your are a THFC fan. It is quite obvious in the bias on the article!
    I doubt any import to your “affairs of world football” when you imagine Sigurdsson being world class!

  3. I don’t see any issue here, prior to Rodgers going to Liverpool, Sig would have signed for swansea… With Rodgers moving to Liverpool it seems Sigs value increased, Spurs got involved and felt the guy was a good buy and thats how it ended. If we monitor each and every player each club chase and don’t get, all teams would be slated as “on the way down” or “in trouble” Its not important to a club who they don’t get, it’s who they do get and the overall performance on the green stuff. The assumption here will be Spurs based, not Liverpool based. Will the guy settle, will he become a first team player, will he develop …
    Liverpool have clearly had issues, no arguement, but to write a piece based on a £6-8m player little known before last season, deciding on one team and not another as an indicator of doom and gloom is creative writing at best 🙂

    Good luck to both teams next season..

  4. I agree, the accusations coming out of L’pool that Spurs offered £70K a week is ludicrous, anyone who knows anything about Spurs & Levy in particular know that they don’t pay huge wages. 1st of all Rodgers himself said he offered the same as he offer for him to go to Swansea (£30K) & this shows his inexperience: salaries at the big clubs are higher & this needs to be taken into account, you can’t have the new signing come in & earn half of what the rest of his 1st team colleagues are earning. Most likely Spurs offered him £45-50K, which is not crazy money, and on the pitch offered him the chance of joining better players than those at L’pool (they finished higher than L’pool for the last 3 seasons & were a massive 17 points ahead last season) with a better chance of getting into the CL (2x 4th place in the last 3 years) & shared their investment plan for the future, along with 1 of the most talented young coaches in Europe (yes AVB “failed” at Chelsea, but he was only 1 point from 4th when he got the boot & actually performed better than Di Matteo in the league, their CL run, which dismayed logic as they got outplayed by Napoli, Barca & Bayern, merely made him look even worse.) Side by side Spurs offered more in all aspects.

  5. Gareth i disagree Liverpool have overpaid and weather they are or not appear to be mercenaries the club must adopt a sensible approach.
    I think it is good news the club will not pay above the odds thats great it helps to attract players who really want to play for the shirt.

  6. Gareth,
    Hmmm. So, its just a coincidence that Spurs were willing to pay him a higher salary? And of course, that wouldn’t be the main reason for his decision? Don’t be fooled – Liverpool haven’t fallen so dramatically from grace that they aren’t able to match Spurs in the wages department. Maybe you could tell us how much Liverpool spend on wages compared to Spurs? Rodgers knows better than most (and certainly better than the Levy) how much Sigurdsson is worth in the marketplace. This for a player let go by Reading and unwanted by Hoffenhiem. He had a great half season under Rodgers at Swansea and I hope for his sake he can fit into AVB’s plans and perform to the same level. But Liverpool still has a strong squad with the likes of Lucas coming back in, and Gerrard looking to be in top form. They also have money to spend and I wouldn’t bet against Rodgers targeting 3 or 4 astute buys before the end of the summer window. With Modric wanting out, VDV possibly also eying the exit door, and the risk factor that is AVB taking over it will be interesting to see who actually does fall from grace by the end of the year.

  7. You have made the real point but then glossed over it ‘, but surely if Sigurdsson was a player that Rodgers really wanted, the wealthy Fenway Sports Group would have matched Tottenham’s salary offer.’ That is the point IF Rodgers had thought Sigurdsson was worth the wage he was being offered at Spurs then he would have been offered that at LFC. He was offered significantly more money at Spurs so when Sigurdsson speaks about the move you have to take the ‘reasons’ with a pinch of salt.

    Rodgers has also spoken since the move backing up the information that Sigurdsson went where there was most money. This Rodgers quote should be included alongside Sigurdssons quotes to give some perspective.

  8. As your profile shows you are a spurs fan and this is why your article is so biased. The reason Rogers did not offer more for Sigurdsson was because he, Rogers, simply doesn’t think he is worth it. It is a pity more clubs don’t refuse to pay over the odds for players and their wages. Liverpool certainly paid over the odds last close season but it looks like they have learnt from their mistakes. I applaud Liverpool for the stance they have taken and hope/wish more clubs would act similarly against greedy players

  9. When will the penny finally drop with everyone associated with Liverpool that they were ONCE considered a great footballing institution and that players of Gylfi`s age do not consider them so. Their glory was too long ago for present players to remember, despite new signings being fed that cheesy line to spew to the TV cameras. Wait for players to sign for the honour of wearing the Liverpool shirt and you`ll be waiting for a very long time. Take stock of where you are now and see that you like Spurs need to be proactive in the transfer market, or you`ll continue going backwards.
    You know that about leopards and spots? Lvierpool sum that up nicely. All their signings join for football reasons, everyone else`s signings are mercenary and boy do you still enjoy a good winge!

  10. 2nd tier players? How is he a 2nd tier player?
    Are you implying spurs aren’t good enough because they are not in the champions league this year? My friend – spurs are light years ahead of Liverpool at present. It is quite clear he has chosen the best option.

  11. Maybe Rodgers realised the players worth and when Spurs came in and drove up his wages he decided it was too much for a squad player at best.
    Everybody seems to jump on the wagon of Liverpools fall from grace but not paying over the odds is just good buisness and shows desperation has not set in.
    As for the chance of winning trophies and a top four finish he would not get this at either club but will better off in his pocket which is his main priority.

  12. Fall from grace haha! You could also look at it as Brendan rodgers put it that he wasn’t prepared to pay more than what he accepted at Swansea, sadly for gylfi he chose money over a football institution!

    Going back to the fall from grace comment, tottenham have finished above Liverpool for 3 seasons and yet in that time they have won nothing and we have a cup! Even when we are below par we have done better than the spuds! There’s no point goin back further as tottenham have nothing on Liverpool!

    I was a little sceptical about Liverpool this year getting back into top 4 but with tottenham hiring avb and Chelsea getting di matteo

    • Sorry got cut off with the 2 named above I think Liverpool will get back into top 4 this season!

      Also ask this question Liverpool fans Gerrard as the man off the striker or sigurdsson let’s be honest there’s no comparison

  13. At least you admit to being a Spurs fan, so I’ll forgive your bias and colourful story telling. Watch the interview with Rodgers, he just didn’t care to offer what Spurs did. No kick in the teeth when you walk away from a deal. Gylfi tried to make it sound like he chose Spurs over Liverpool, the truth is the Liverpool offer was no longer on the table, he chose Spurs over Swansea, and all for the money, but you spin that however it helps you sleep.

  14. Well it could also be argued the exact opposite. Rodgers himself has said that Sig had accepted an amount to move to Swansea. As soon as LFC were interested, that amount of course went up. BR has said he didn’t feel the player was worth the extra, and wished him well.

    The “wealthy” Fenway group would only have matched Spur’s offer IF the manager thought he was worth that kind of money – which he has said he doesn’t.

    Just my opinion.

    Regardless, I’m sure Sig will be a worthy replacement for Modric.

  15. “surely if Sigurdsson was a player that Rodgers really wanted, the wealthy Fenway Sports Group would have matched Tottenham’s salary offer. ”

    If LFC and Rodgers felt matching Spurs pay offer still represented value for money, they would have done it. Rodgers knew the guy well, and felt his pay demands were OTT, so LFC didn’t increase their offer.

    It came down to wages, and understandably £20k a week more, is a decisive factor.
    Just as it was when Joe Cole chose LFC above others, including Spurs….cash is king!

  16. Look at who Liverpool currently have on their books who can play the same role as Sigurdsson – Gerrard, Cole, Aqualani, Shelvey, Henderson, Pacheco and Maxi that’s before you consider the youngsters.

    Could it be that Rodgers would have happily snapped him up as a bargain but went the price went north he realised it was money that could be spent better elsewhere?

    I’m sure Sigurdsson will be a useful squad player for Spurs and maybe a replacement for a potential Modric shaped hole in your midfield. Personally I think the fact that Spurs were wiling to pay more for the player than a manager who knows the player well says more about Spurs than LFC, desperate, is a word that springs to mind….

  17. I am also a Spurs fan but I don’t believe this is in any way ‘a kick in the teeth’ for Brendan Rodgers or Liverpool. They offered their valuation of the player, which was higher than Swansea’s, and would have signed him, but Spurs thought he was worth more. The bids were not equal, so no comparisons can be made. Liverpool could have been playing on the relationship between their manager and the player to offer less, but it turned out to be a gamble that didn’t come off.

    The idea that losing out to Tottenham is in some way an insult doesn’t take into account the fact that Spurs have just ousted Chelsea from their CL place and could, and maybe should, have finished considerably higher, and did so playing a style of football that many neutrals thought was the best the PL had ever seen. If this was the Tottenham side of 8 years ago I could agree with you, but the argument could be made that if all bids were equal, then losing out to Chelsea, given their position in the League and brand of football, would be the insult.


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