Is the Liverpool defence actually as bad as they appear to be and are the Reds really the laughing stock that their performances would lead us to believe?

On the face of it, a unit with such a woeful record of 16 goals conceded in just 10 Premier League games this term, would suggest the answer to the above question to be a resounding yes.

However, on further inspection, there are facts that will surprise many and make even the most hardened critic sit up and take notice.

Amongst all the scrutiny and criticism that has peppered Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool rearguard, there is hardly any mention of the fact that the Merseysiders have conceded just one goal at home in the league this season.

It is the 15 goals shipped away on their travels that grab all the headlines, but again just that solitary blip in front of the Kop by Burnley. It does give food for thought and you have to wonder why there is such a contrast.

Teams coming to Anfield sit back and try to hit the Reds on the counter-attack meaning there is less probability of the backline getting exposed.

The opposite is the case when Liverpool play away because the home sides will get on the front foot and attack the obvious frailties that exist which results in more opportunities.

Then there is their incredible propensity for the most ridiculous individual errors and nothing encapsulates them more than the meltdown suffered by Dejan Lovren in the recent 4-1 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur. The Croatian was horribly at fault for their first two goals and substituted by Liverpool boss Klopp after half-an-hour as a result.

These mental lapses have plagued the Reds since Rafael Benitez left in 2011 and it all boils down to a lack of concentration. Klopp must get his Liverpool defenders to focus for the entire 90 minutes in every game, otherwise these issues will persist.

To be fair to them, they have responded well since the debacle against Tottenham with just one goal conceded in their last three games.

The next test for Liverpool will be at home to Southampton after the international break.


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