Some well-known managers, who know better, should not rule out the possibility of Jose Mourinho turning a good Tottenham Hotspur side into English Premier League champions.

The new Spurs boss will require the backing of Daniel Levy and the patience of those north London fan to have any chance of completing his plans.

Mourinho has accumulated a second-to-none amount of honours, won with many different teams and  in different countries, over years at the top of his profession. 

I can certainly see why Levy is willing to take a punt on Mourinho. Will he continue bringing his winning ways with him at Tottenham? His CV is second to none.

When it comes to a realistic transfer budget available to Mourinho, will Levy be willing to back his new manager and take a chance with a few big buys?

This is often what makes the difference to first place instead of a top-four finish.

This could be the biggest source of conflict at Tottenham until Levy sees where his club are placed at the end of the season.

Tottenham obviously want to start winning trophies and are paying top bucks to succeed. In the past, Mourinho has always delivered what Levy dreams of.

So….is Mourinho the Special One, a spent force or a trophy specialist?

Only time will tell.


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