The protracted summer transfer saga surrounding Luka Modric has rumbled on, as Tottenham and Real Madrid continue negotiations over a possible switch to the Santiago Bernabeu for the Croatian playmaker. Despite a difference in valuation currently, with Modric eager to leave White Hart Lane a deal could well be completed ahead of the 2012-13 campaign.

One of Andre Villas-Boas’ new signings this summer has been Icelandic attacking midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson. With Modric looking like he is ready to leave north London, is Sigurdsson the man to replace the mercurial maestro?


Villas-Boas is likely to play three central midfielders in his new-look Spurs side, with Scott Parker and Sandro more than likely winning the other two positions in the engine room. With two enforcers alongside him, Sigurdsson would be responsible for directing Spurs’ attacking play and getting forward as a goal threat.

Although the new man does not have the same poise as his predecessor, Sigurdsson has a number of attributes that will give him the support of the White Hart Lane faithful.

The Scandinavian proved his eye for goal last season in his loan spell at Swansea, and should provide an outlet for goals from midfield, taking pressure slightly off the attackers. Sigurdsson’s dead-ball delivery is also exemplary, and will give Tottenham an added threat from free-kicks and corners. Also, Sigurdsson’s movement and willingness to get forward will certainly add a different dimension to the north London club’s attacking play.


Although Sigurdsson is a positive addition to Tottenham’s squad ahead of the new season, there is no doubting that his and Modric’s style of play is different. Should the diminutive eastern European leave the club, Spurs will lose an impressive array of passing, the ability to control the pace and tempo of the game and a creativity as good as any in the world game.

Sigurdsson is more dynamic and forward-thinking than Modric certainly, but Spurs will miss an orchestrator that can run the game from deep-lying positions. They will lose a player able to deliver a killer through-ball or who can put their foot on the ball and take control even under pressure.


Gylfi Sigurdsson is set to play an important role for Tottenham in 2012-13, and his summer signing has been an exciting and positive one by Villas-Boas. However, despite his considerable abilities, one feels that Spurs must delve into the transfer market once more to bring in a deep-lying playmaker like Joao Moutinho to minimise the loss of a player of Modric’s standard.

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Published – Bleacher Report


  1. Not a chance. Sig plays futher up the park and was probably purchased to give Van Der Injured-again some back up and competition. It doesn’t say much for our current crop of midfielders if none are considered to be capable of holding the ball and orchestrating plays from deeper when they push forward! Tricky times and AVB looks like taking the blame as the season unfurls for mistakes made above his head. Yet again we see our usual failures in the transfer market- whether its offloading deadwood or securing quality strikers were leaving it all way too late again and messing up the season before its begun.

  2. There is no point trying to replace Modric like for like as his is a very unique talent; his ability to receive the ball and retain it under pressure is better than any other player in the world I’d suggest (even Xavi), he is also exceptionally hard working and intelligent (not headless chicken hardworking) both in this movement and passing, he also contributes defensively much more than other creative players do by reading the game and intercepting passes…he’ll even throw in and take the odd tackle well for such a little bloke.

    But then, he also is not actually that great at kicking a football…it sounds weird but i think his size doesnt help, he sometime struggles to play longer passes, his set pieces arent great and his finishing is really hit and miss (hence some crackers but very few goals). Some will point at his lack of assists but i think that is misleading as his will have often started the move, built the momentum before leaving it to the likes of VDV, Bale, Lennon and Adebayor to apply the finishing touches.

    How many other players are exactly like that? And who’s to say with a blank canvass that is what we need anyway?

    I think it’s about getting the blend of player right rather than getting a like for like in. Who’s to say a midfield three of Sandro for power and presence, Thudd for range of passing, and Gylffi to link with the attacking 3 adding in goals and assists wont be better than the Parker-Modric axis we used this year?

    He’s superb but that’s not to say irreplaceable.

    PS we do need someone else in the squad no doubt but he does have to play/look/sound/taste/smell like Modric.

    PPS god I miss him already though…

  3. I agree with the vast majority of what you say. However, in my opinion the main problem we have is scoring goals. Last season a very high percentage of our goals came from 4 players, Adebayor, Defoe, RVD and Bale. Two major problems here, one being that we have not currently signed Adebayor yet although I feel this will eventually be completed. Also the new system we will employ with a 4-2-3-1. I don’t see how Defoe fits into this system at all which is a shame because I’m a huge fan of his. A deep lying play maker would be great, I personally feel that RVD could do that job, he tends to drop deep into midfield to pick up the ball when he doesn’t see much of the action. Luka was not the same player last season as he was the season before and his distinct lack of goals is a problem. We know Sandro, Livermore and Parker aren’t going to score more than 1-2 goals each. I also feel that Lennon doesn’t score enough either and if Bale were to get injured then we could be in a bit of trouble. I would like Spurs to try and secure Llorente as it appears that he could be available, a genuine goal threat in the air but also technically excellent with the ball at feet. I believe we need competition for Adebayor because he has a track record of taking his foot off the gas when he knows his place is secure in the first team. Another wide man that could play both sides of the advanced 4-2-3-1 system would be ideal but this is the area that could left until last.

  4. Modric will be a loss for spurs yes but, not to the extent it’s being made out. Spots the killer pass? His stats don’t back that statement up, for any season. Sigurdsson will provide more end product than modric and in that sense is an ample replacement. Tottenham need to find another player to do the linking job modric does. If spurs get anywhere near 35million the chairman has played a blinder..again. Madrid know it, that’s why they’re stalling at 28/30 million.


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