Truth be told, I didn’t know what to expect making my way to Kenilworth Road on Friday evening. I certainly didn’t plan for what we saw, on Luton’s return to the second tier after 12 years away.

It was a truly epic night of football, one of the best the old girl has seen in quite some time, a clash of special goals, crazy mistakes, awful decisions and non-stop, end-to-end action from start to finish in a pulsating advert for the Championship.

If that is what the next nine months are going to entail then we are in for quite some ride, although when has watching Luton ever been anything but hugely eventful!?

Given that Middlesbrough missed out on the play-offs by one point last season, and already looked more dangerous in 90 minutes than they did in 46 matches under Tony Pulis, you’d have to think that they were a decent benchmark for what the challenge entails at this level.

If that is the case then there are more than enough reasons to think we’ll be just fine. We weren’t perfect on the night by any means, occasionally exposed for wanting slightly longer on the ball than we’ll get in this division, a legacy of coming up through the lower leagues, but when we settle in and adjust to that we look very competitive.

Five players made their debuts, and the obvious error from Simon Sluga aside, all performed more than adequately, with special mentions to Ryan Tunnicliffe and Callum McManaman, who both had fine games.

Cardiff City will provide another fine test on Saturday afternoon, but we go there with nothing to fear, already with the confidence that we’re going to be just fine.

The Championship journey has begun. Who knows where it will end, but based on Friday night, one thing we do know is it is going to be brilliant to watch!


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