An amazing thing happened on Saturday. For the first time in a full six months, Luton Town lost a league match! It had been so long in coming that if I’m honest, I had forgotten what losing felt like.

These are absolutely amazing times to be a Hatter, and I couldn’t be prouder of the run we have been on, both on and off the pitch recently, and I guess it was fitting that when the unbeaten spell did end, that it did so to a pretty decent side, who to be fair to them played some good stuff on the day.

The key now is what comes next. There is no need for panic to set in or anything like that. We didn’t lose to a side we should be beating hands down, who played pathetic and scrambled a victory. That would be more of a concern. Looking at the remaining fixtures of those at the top, we might have lost to the team who will follow us up at the end of the season.

I’m sure the players will dust themselves down and go again on Saturday, and that is what we as fans must do. There will be thousands of Luton supporters heading to Accrington and plenty more watching on TV, and it is important that we stay patient and get behind them as we’ve done all season.

I can’t speak for all Luton fans obviously, but when I left Oakwell after the 3-2 defeat to Barnsley on October, had someone come up to me and said in six months’ time I would see my team suffer their next defeat, be five clear at the top and seven points ahead of third, not only would I have called a doctor for that person, but I’d have been absolutely delighted.

And that remains the case having lived it out too. Easter is approaching and we are in control of our own destiny and that’s the perfect place to be in.

I’m looking forward to two matches in quick time and then a huge celebration when promotion is confirmed in the coming weeks. One bad 45 minutes doesn’t make us a bad side and we’re not going to blow it now.


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