Glasgow Rangers captain James Tavernier has become Steven Gerrard’s first-team pick as his high scoring right-back, but to me he is playing in the wrong position.

EFL side Brighton are reputed to try and buy Englishman Tavernier during the January transfer period, and Gerrard has said that every player will be sold to good clubs, but only if they meet his true worth.

It is possible that £10m might be enough for the Seasiders to get their target, but, if the boss moves him to right-wing-back, and plays with a back three, Rangers could add another £5m extra onto his price.

I will point out the weak spots to his game.

  1. He is only 5’ 9” and not very good in the air – sometimes poor.
  2. His tackling is not the best, especially when you compare him to Jon Flanagan.
  3. He is caught out of position far too often and causes Rangers to loose goals against.
  4. He is often caught in possession in deep positions, and that also causes problems.
  5. Against top sides, he is not as good as the fans want him to be, because he is under too much pressure to defend better and it stifles his natural game and he is not as effective.

What are his much stronger points?

  1. He knows instinctively when and where to go when he is in possession.
  2. His crossing ability is absolutely terrific.
  3. He always seems to score from the penalty spot.
  4. His accuracy in dead ball situations are excellent.
  5. He shows good pace going forward and is good at opening up defences.

The 27-year-old attack-minded right-back has proven to me that over his Rangers years he must be given a run at wing-back to prove me right with my assessment. It would turn him into a far superior and more expensive player- surely Tavernier deserves that opportunity.

He is excellent at going forward and there’s always been many question marks over his sloppy defensive play. There is also concerns about his consistency, but that is only against the best sides.


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