If you desire to obtain a career in the IT field, you need to be certified, in order to be desirable in the eyes of employers. There are a lot of different types of IT certifications that you can choose to obtain. Due to the influx of certifications that are available, choosing the right types of certifications that will adhere to your needs can be difficult.

CompTIA, which is an acronym for the Computer Technology Industry Association can help out in offering entry level and expert level examinations in the IT field. The certifications that can be earned through CompTIA are held in high regards.

One of the most basic certifications that CompTIA offers is the A+ certification. Individuals that obtain this certification will prove that they understand the basics of the IT industry. This certification will test an individual’s skills in many different sectors of the IT world. The examination covers basic internal workings of a computer, hardware, basic networking, and basic understanding of computer systems.

Most IT companies will require that their workers at least have this type of certification before they can be employed to perform assigned tasks for them. Once you have obtained this certification, you can easily advance your career by taking additional CompTIA certifications that are offered.

A few advanced certifications offered by CompTIA are the Security + certification, Network + certification, Linux, and CCNA certifications. Each certification will take you a step closer to a more promising career that is extremely lucrative at the same time.


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