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Gareth Bale should move to Major League Soccer

One of the clubs that have been tipped to sign Wales captain Gareth Bale this summer is Major League Soccer giants Los Angeles Galaxy as reported by MLS Soccer. 

At just 31-years-old, Bale appears to have lost his passion for football. While he did manage to churn out some quality displays on loan with Tottenham Hotspur last season on loan from Real Madrid, his work ethic was criticized. 

For the best interest of Tottenham and the player, it is best that he does not move back to the North London club. Bale is still regarded as a club legend by some faithful Spurs fans and by leaving now, he can keep his reputation intact. 

Bale has virtually no future with parent club Real Madrid. Los Blancos will be looking to part ways with him as soon as possible to free up space in their squad and also to free up wage expenditure. 

It is hard to fault Bale for losing his passion for football. He has been the face of Welsh football for over a decade and has been subjected to intense media scrutiny over the years. 

By moving to the United States, he will get to play in a less demanding environment where the quality of players and fan demands are not as great as they are in Europe. Most fans in the US will be startled by the fact that he is merely playing on their shores. 

Also, by moving to the US, Bale will get a greater sense of freedom personally as football is still a growing sport in the North American nation. 

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