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FIFA Launches First-Ever Digital Platform Dedicated To Professional Football

Football’s World governing body FIFA launched FIFA Professional Football Landscape. This is the first-ever digital database containing important facts and figures on clubs, players, transfers, and top competitions in all the 211 member associations. This information collection will make soccer betting for punters easier as they can get facts in one place. The platform brings together data from a wide range of crucial performance indicators that reveal the status of the clubs and leagues around the world. 

Visitors to this platform will get a detailed visual overview of football in the world. The FIFA Professional Football Landscape was established for the entire football community, including football betting fans on Betway. The platform makes it easy for the users to keep an eye on football’s professionalization in line with FIFA’s strategic plans. FIFA’s key objective is to map and promote football development globally to make the sport global for sure. 

The platform will give member associations access so that they can update information on their men’s and women’s football teams regularly. 

What Are The Key Facts And Figures?

The platform offers an interesting insight into the structure of professional football around the world. Here are some critical takeaways from the site:

  • There are almost 130,000 professional football players identified around the globe.
  • There are also over 4,400 professional football clubs that the platform has identified globally. 
  • Most of the member states (91%) have put in place a national club licensing system.
  • Up to 65% of football associations from its membership organize their national top-tier leagues. 
  • 54% of all the domestic competitions worldwide use the home-and-away league format.
  • Around 88% of competition organizers negotiate their TV rights contracts collectively. 

User-Friendly Interface

The platform uses a simple yet effective interface. Navigating the site is also a walk in the park, and users will not need to have a technical background to operate the site. Furthermore, the site uses a responsive theme meaning visitors can access it from their mobile devices without any difficulty. 

The designers did not try to reinvent the wheel. They used a conventional site design that uses typical navigation features such as a navigation menu. Punters on Betway from around the world will log into the site and get reliable information on several clubs. 

 Initially, football fans around the world had to rely on other sources to get details on clubs and players. However, some of the sources they used were not reliable and led to a lot of misinformation. Luckily, this platform is run by FIFA, meaning that visitors can rest assured that the information they get on the platform is truthful. 

What Next?

Launching the platform was the initial step. However, the bigger task is ahead. Those in charge of the platform ought to ensure that the information shared here is accurate and up-to-date. They should also ensure that they keep enriching the content to include other categories of information that would be useful to the football fans globally.  

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