Willie Collum and Glasgow Rangers together are not a match made in heaven. They don’t have a great bond and if I’m being honest – they certainly don’t like each other.

He was the same ref who gave Kilmarnock a hotly disputed penalty during the last game of last season at Rugby Park, probably to make sure Rangers lost 2-1.

Before that game, Rangers sent a letter to the SPFL and the Head of Referees Association asking for Collum to be held to account, because of his poor history of mistakes against the Ibrox club.

Rangers wanted the SPFL to act on the complaint instead of ignoring the protest. They half expected it to be taken into account and consideration before having to suffer him again.

They either never looked into the complaints or didn’t care what Rangers had written about his often biased performances. They chose to turn a blind eye to the matter.

He couldn’t point to the spot any quicker than he did. Obviously, an act of defiance, and how dare Rangers complain about him.

The Rangers fans are convinced that his religious divide is the root of the problem, and feel as if you are playing against 12 men when Collum is in charge.

Now we find out he has been appointed to officiate in two consecutive league games between Killie and Rangers on the Rugby Park plastic pitch.

This situation is not good enough, and the TV cameras will be there to witness another regrettable Collum performance this Sunday afternoon. There is no excuse for this mistake.

What happens to him if he has the usual stinker of a match – nothing I presume. Maybe he will get downgraded to a Championship game for his next referee engagement.

The one thing we can all be sure about is that the standard of refereeing will border on shocking, and leave the fans annoyed at him getting away with this again.

It is not only Rangers who have a grievance against him, as in the past almost every manager in the SPFL has had a go at him in recent years. 

Rangers have vastly improved since Steven Gerrard brought so many new players in this season, but perhaps Collum’s job is to try and even things up.


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