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Factors All Gamblers Must Be Aware Of Before Betting On An Accumulator

Accumulators are one of the most common ways to make wagers on all sports. It is a particularly common way to make wagers on football, with millions around the world often starting their weekend by making an accumulator. It is one of the traditional ways to wager on the upcoming games as it allows punters to add a number of teams into one bet. However, there are some factors that gamblers must take into consideration before betting on an accumulator. These are some football accumulators tips and acca bonuses that gamblers should be aware of.

Be Aware Of Risk

Betting on any market comes with a risk, but there is a bigger pitfall that comes with wagering on accumulators. Gamblers must be aware of the difference when wagering on accumulators. The main aspect that gamblers must be aware of is the fact that the bet will be a loss should one of the selections fail to win. That means that the returns on a ten-team accumulator will be much higher than the potential returns on a three-fold.

Gamblers should be aware of the risk as there is a less likely chance that an accumulator including ten teams will be a winner, as it is difficult to predict the outcomes of ten games. There are also higher returns when betting on accumulators on the horse racing. That leads to many gamblers opting to make their multiple wagers on Lucky 15’s, which sees gamblers gain returns should one selection win. It’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of all the selections before making a bet.

Do Research

It is vitally important before betting on any sport that the gambler does the required research. This research phase is vital, as it will ensure that gamblers will make the most knowledgeable bet. The research that must be conducted will depend on the sport that you’re betting on. Some sports require gamblers to look as certain factors. For example, for horse racing, you should study the weight and age of the horse, while height and reach will be important information that gamblers must look at when wagering on MMA and boxing. These are some of the factors that gamblers must look at before betting on an accumulator on all sports.


The most important thing that gamblers must consider before betting on football, basketball and ice hockey is the form of both teams. This is the biggest factor that will have an impact on the chances that a team may have for an upcoming fixture. If a team is in good form, then they will have a better chance of claiming a win.

Head To Head

Punters should examine past meetings between the two teams involved. This could help find a pattern from previous fixtures that could be used to benefit the gambler on the upcoming fixture. This information can be found easily by the gambler.


Finally, gamblers should also look at where the game will be taking place. This could be a significant factor, as home advantage could be a huge factor. Punters should also look into the away record of the team involved to examine whether they have good or bad away form.

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