With just two games gone, Liverpool find themselvesin relativelyunchartered territory – the top four. A position that will be resoundinglywelcome to fans that have grownall too used to being mere onlookers to those around them enjoying the thrill of the Champions League.

Cynics will understandablybe quick to roll out the old adage of ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint’ and that it is still early days. This is, indeed, worthy of note. Even with this impressive start, many – including the majority of Liverpool fans – won’t be too surprised to see the Reds miss out on that elusive fourth spot again come May. Those around them have quality that Liverpool can, on their day, certainly match – especially with the return of a certain number 7 -yetthe depth of the Liverpool squad is criminally lacking in comparison to Champions League-spot rivals Spurs.

Early days, then, it certainly is, though most Liverpool fans by this pointin recent seasons would have already lost any of thehope that pre-season perennially provides. The six points Liverpool have amassed in the last two games took two months last season, with their first win coming on September 29th.

Daniel Sturridge

Many will argue that Liverpool’s form is fairly irrelevant atsuch an early stage yet it is the fact that this early success has come at this stagethat has left fans relieved and hopeful. Too manytimes have Liverpool looked back at games they could and should havewon and rued the difference it made to the end-of-season standings.Too many recent domesticseasonshave ended before they’ve even had a chance to start; that the Anfield club haven’t allowed that to happen this term is vital and will be welcomed with open arms by fans. If success isn’t on thebill then at least keep the fans thrilled and engaged until closing time.A season ending in March is far worse than one ending unsuccessfully in May.

Two 1-0 wins are perhaps not going to grab the headlines but they are games that Liverpool would have perhaps drawn or even lost last season, and it would take even the most stubborn of opposing fans to not see the signs of improvement. Liverpool fans checking the scores at Scores.co.uk will be pleasantly surprised by their positive start to the season as they are notorious slow starters.

Reds manager BrendanRodgers must ensure that these improvements continue, as more are needed – bethey fillinggaps in the squadwith new signings or ruthlessly finishing off teams when the chance arises. Losing out on the likes of Willian andHenrikh Mkhitaryan will hurt a club like Liverpool. History, stature and a globalfanbase isn’t enough for players when Champions League football isn’t part of the package and at Liverpool, Champions League football should and must be included if they are to continue improving and maintain these elements that do, at times, attract the biggest names.

Two wins in two to beginthe season has been greeted with justifiable joy around Anfield,thoughfans know it must continue and they willbe hoping that, come this time next season, a flurry of similarwins will come with an air of expectation rather than a pleasant surprise.

  • christopher

    long may it continue,may God bless LIVERPOOL

    • Bill

      We Will Never Walk Alone with God walking with us.