As Blackburn embark on their Championship campaign, the club’s fans will take some heart from the fact that the squad has been bolstered this summer. However, looking at owners’ Venky’s treatment of manager Steve Kean and approach in the transfer market raises some huge question marks, and further proves that the Indian conglomerate have no idea how to run a football club.

Despite some plucky performances and results at times last season, Rovers looked like a relegation contender for the majority of the campaign, and in the end were demoted to the second-tier of English football. The dramatic downturn in the team’s fortunes since the harsh sacking of Sam Allardyce back in December 2010 has been startling, with the club’s fans pinning the blame on the owners and Steve Kean.

The Scottish coach was a surprise selection to replace Allardyce given his inexperience, and has had to face a brunt of abuse from the Ewood Park faithful. Protests to have Kean sacked and constant dissatisfaction from the fans throughout 2011-12 saw the coach as a favourite to be axed, but Venky’s stood by their man, even after relegation.

A bit of loyalty in football can be admired, but after their continued backing of Kean, Venky’s have completely changed their approach. New director of football Shebby Singh has come out and stated that Kean will be sacked if Rovers lose three games in a row this term. Why stand by an inexperienced and under-fire manager for an entire campaign, which results in relegation, and then sack him three games later?

In the transfer market Venky’s actions again have been strange. Rovers were in big trouble at the turn of the year, and needed investment in new players in the January transfer market to stand a chance of avoiding the drop. However, the owners parted less than £2 million to bring little-known Anthony Modeste, Bradley Orr and Marcus Olsson to Ewood. Now that the side have been demoted the owners have invested to bring the likes of Danny Murphy, Nuno Gomes, Dickson Etuhu and Leon Best to Lancashire. Although the Rovers fans will welcome the investment, it is six months too late as the club are stuck in the quagmire of the Championship.

Blackburn have a great chance of bouncing straight back to the top flight at the first time of asking due to the quality in their squad comparative to other sides in the Championship, but it is clear that the club are being mismanaged. No wonder the protests and frustration continue, however Rovers fans should aim their anger at inept owners rather than an inexperienced trainer.

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  1. I think you’ll find the manager is not up to the task and has to go. Tell me….would you want Steve Kean in charge of your club??

  2. Time and time again i find myself having to give the same answers towards people not involved within the club. The media manipulation of Kean is horrific, they present him in this glowing light that he really should not be in. As fans we have our gripes with Venky’s, this should be obvious by now, however we have a different set of reasons for our dislike of Kean. I think out biggest one involves the multitude of lies he has told us since joining the club, these include : Telling us Nelsen was and had been injured for months, when we needed experienced defenders, then moving on to sell him in the transfer window for him to not be injured at all. He told us Samba would not be sold under any circumstances and then he sold him to Makhachkala after the window had closed. (i am fully aware this was more than likely pressured by Venky’s however there was no need to lie about it) His blatant lie during his drink driving case denying he had anything to drink and was indeed spiked by the Blackburn fans, even though he admitted to the police officer at the time to drinking with Fergie, the judge was aware of this and upon giving him the guilty verdict he declared Kean a liar, and how right he was.

    Onto his on the pitch actions that have provoked us. His tactics are inept, he constantly plays players out of position, RB’s at LB, LW at LB, RW at RB and so on. Whilst we are aware that at times needs must and such, he never picks players rooted with defensive traits, he tries to pick the most attacking players that create gaps at the back and allow our CB’s to become exposed. He spent 20 Million during last summers transfer window for a huge amount of players who spent last season on the Bench or not even in the squad case in point David Goodwillie, when he played for Dundee he was the most prolific striker in Scotland, we sign him and he plays a handful of games as starts and his subs games he comes on for the last 5 mins. This pre-season he has scored in most of the games he has started and the goals have been well taken composed goals. Look at Jelavic, he went to Everton as a good player playing for a Scottish team and did brilliantly, Goodwillie’s record in Scotland was one of comparison to Jelavic, and so it is frustrating that he never play’s. He had a stupid obsession with 4-5-1 a formation that at times worked well, however games such as Spurs away, where the only positive for us from that game was that we had 1 corner, as a Spurs fan you should have known that game it was pathetic and no one else could take the blame for his tactics. He also appears to tell the team to sit back with up to 45 mins left of the game and defend. Sunderland last season after 20 mins we were 1-0 up. It got to half time and for the second half we defended in our own half and invited pressure onto ourselves, we ended up conceding two goals and loosing the match, yet when we were going forward in the first half our team was creating chances and not allowing them much of the ball. It happened again at Ipswich, and the result was just as bad, a point against a young championship team is a horrific first day of the season when the team we have was good enough to beat a decent Fulham side 3-1 with only 10 men. He rarely makes substitutions and when he does they are pathetic, he took off a striker against Ipswich to bring on a Midfielder and then he says we had to sit back as two of them were on yellow cards, he could have replaced one of the carded players as even after bringing off the striker the game continued for a further 20 minutes, his final substitution came in the 89th minute i think, when he should have replaced the striker with another one and one of our OLD midfield with fresh legs all around the 65th mark, this could have more than likely could have allowed us to regain slight control instead of being pinned back in our own half the entire half. Also, for a team that shipped the most goals last season one of our main priorities should have been to sign defenders, a LB, RB and two CB’s should have been signed all with experience so that if the ones we played under performed and started conceding goals they could be replaced with ones of similar if not better playing style, instead he refuses to sign any and we are stuck with our bellow par youth defenders.

    Finally, the thing that annoys the most of us…..His constant ability to ignore the truth, place the blame on others and take no acceptance onto himself. Much better managers have walked away from jobs less over their heads, Kean has no respect for the fans despite how much he constantly talks about them, before you or any other commenter’s suggest it we at first had respect. He was given 8 months before any of this Kean Out nonsense started. Not once has he ever accepted any responsibility for relegation or even loosing a game, humility is a good trait, its a trait that even the worst of the worst have at times yet Kean just steals the money for doing whatever the hell he is doing and continues to spout lies, all the while the fans who spend thousands upon thousands of their hard earned money are being slated by the media because of a few chants and wanting to change the way their club is being ruined. Kean Out will never end, even after whatever happens to him happens, our club has been ruined and it will take decades to undo what had been done.

    And yet i pity him, i pity how pathetic he is and how much of a sad life he has had to be so deluded, he failed as a footballer, failed as a second team coach, failed as a PL manager i guess his dignity is the only thing he has left, and how he still has that is beyond me. So whilst we do have to blame Venkys to an extent, they are inexperienced and naive and have up to now had nobody else to listen to but him (that in response to your backing paragraph). He is a thief and a liar, Kean is taking them and everyone else for a ride, and the sad thing is….He’s getting away with it.

    So hopefully you will be able to read this and take a second thought upon your article, because you barely scratch the surface of the fans plight and who the blame falls upon, which i assume your article is trying to highlight.


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