An extraordinary and inexplicable piece of deplorable refereeing by the totally inept Willie Collum, took the whole spotlight off of all the talking points in the weekend’s very average Glasgow Rangers game. More on this howler later.

Another disappointing display by Rangers in their 2-0 away win against St Mirren played under wet and windy winter conditions in Paisley. It is only the second away victory for the ‘Gers this season.

It was dull, boring and annoying to watch so many players out of form all at the same time, but the Light Blues did manage to win all three points.

It was either a “World Class” strike or a fortunate fluke from the boot of Daniel Candeias from the right wing which sailed high past keeper Craig Samson.

Candeias replaced the totally anonymous Eros Grezda who was starting his first game for Rangers. The irony was, he hit the post with a brilliant shot just moments before being unceremoniously hooked early in the second half.

Alfredo Morelos scored in the last minute to keep up his scorching scoring record up and to tie up the match and win all the points.

Back to the main talking point of the match.

TV cameras showed a close up of his exposed starring role, which left nobody in any doubt that the biased against Rangers referee Collum, had become the real pantomime villain of the scene – his buffoonery knows no bounds.

A rush of blood to his booking arm produced a scandalous second yellow for the innocent Candeias, following Anton Ferdinand’s blatant upper cut to the ‘Gers player’s chin.

Does Willie Collum, on seeing the video evidence, phone his boss and admit he is biased against Rangers, and rescind the second yellow card?

Should the referee have shown a red card to Ferdinand for his over aggressive behaviour by striking the player smack on the chin?

Or does he simply wait to be chastised for getting caught on TV and allowing all to see where his true loyalties lie?

Collum cannot say he never saw the incident, because if he didn’t see what really happened, he can’t dish out a card to anybody. Especially, when it is for a second booking to send him off.

What makes the whole incident even more incredible, is that Rangers had just scored their second goal to close the game out in the 93rd minute.

The game had only seconds to run, when his lack of common sense didn’t stop him making his unintelligent decision.

If ever a referee was asking to be downgraded for a few games (it should be years), this was it.

My question is: What do Rangers do now about the abysmal, ridiculous decisions that are handed out to the Ibrox club, in almost every game they play – with the devious Scottish referees?

The former West Ham defender can be seen very clearly on the video evidence, grabbing Candeias by the neck before giving him a sly little punch under his chin.

The decision of the referees’ advisory committee is eagerly awaited by all Rangers supporters.

Rangers are not looking for favours – just fairness.


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